Critical Reflection of Consumption

Consumption of products and services is something that is incorporated into the daily life of most people and as a result most people have some understanding of what consumption is. However, for most people it is not a topic they study in depth or delve into the understandings of why people consume the way theyContinue reading “Critical Reflection of Consumption”

Self-Evaluation of Diploma of Music Business 2015

Over the last 12 months my focus has been entering into the music industry. I started by enrolling into the Diploma of Music Business course in September 2014. My reasons for applying were • I hated working 60 hours a week to do jobs I was not passionate about and did not like • TheContinue reading “Self-Evaluation of Diploma of Music Business 2015”

Interview with Matt Johnson from Walking Horse

Speaking to Matty J from Walking Horse in regards to starting his record label. I have found that these interviews I have been conducting with music industry professional interesting, as although they provide answers that are similar they do offer some differences. The questions that I asked are: What does Matty J see are theContinue reading “Interview with Matt Johnson from Walking Horse”

Yvette Myhill networking interview

As part of the WAM conference, certain delegates were invited to do a networking speed date session with members of industry. Yvette Myhill is the Executive Director of the Association of Artist Manager’s (AAM). I wanted to speak to her in regards to managing Kraill and what is best to do. Firstly, she congratulated meContinue reading “Yvette Myhill networking interview”

Richmond Street Records Blender Compilation CD

In order for bands and artists to be able to get on the Richmond Street Records Blender Compilation CD had to go through a submission process. The following process is what was used as the submission. 1. Get all students to submit tracks by Thursday 10th September 2015 at 5pm. 2. Voting by Richmond StreetContinue reading “Richmond Street Records Blender Compilation CD”

Peter Gauzelli networking interview

As part of the WAM conference, certain delegates were invited to do a networking speed date session with members of industry. My first session was with Peter Gauzelli from Department of Culture and the Arts. I spoke to him in regards to working with a band to get funding for a tour and an album,Continue reading “Peter Gauzelli networking interview”

Breakfast with Peter Garrett

Monday 19th October 2015, Western Australian Music or WAM held a Breakfast with Peter Garrett at the Duxton Hotel. This was to launch the long awaited autobiography called Big Blue Sky. The breakfast brought about Garrett talking about parts of his life in a question and answer format allowed for the audience to have moreContinue reading “Breakfast with Peter Garrett”

Interview with Bourby Webster, Director of North Street Music

As you may or may not know, North Street Music provides a variety of different services to musicians. These include Concert Promotion Venue Programming Session Musicians Artist Services which include Business Skills courses and consulting, performance training, festival programming, representation/ management Studio and Recording Services Having spoken with Bourby late last week, she has providedContinue reading “Interview with Bourby Webster, Director of North Street Music”