Review – Curtin Leader’s Program

Curtin Leader’s program is a Curtin-approved Tier 3 extracurricular course. The aim of the course is to help individuals studying at Curtin University develop their leadership skills and attributes. The program is a new program and runs over the course of a semester. The program has been insightful for me as it allowed me toContinue reading “Review – Curtin Leader’s Program”

Work Experience in Journalism

As a university student, I have been doing work experience at a couple of different radio stations – Curtin FM and Noongar Radio. Once I figured out I wanted to pursue a career in journalism, I decided that I needed to gain as much experience as I possibly could while I was completing my degree.Continue reading “Work Experience in Journalism”

Free MISS (Music Industry Sundowner Series) Session: A Songwriter’s Tale – An Insight

A 1.5-hour panel featuring Sarah Tout as the Moderator and songwriters François Tétaz and Ricky Maymi as part of the panel. Both of these songwriters have provided a lot to think about in terms of approaches to songwriting. I got some good input from this panel that I have listed below. Why write songs? TétazContinue reading “Free MISS (Music Industry Sundowner Series) Session: A Songwriter’s Tale – An Insight”