Self-Evaluation of Diploma of Music Business 2015

Over the last 12 months my focus has been entering into the music industry. I started by enrolling into the Diploma of Music Business course in September 2014. My reasons for applying were
• I hated working 60 hours a week to do jobs I was not passionate about and did not like
• The horrible feeling I felt each day, going to work for a company that treated me so well and me just feeling like I could do better
• I was tired of trying to find work in the corporate and government workforces because my parents thought it was a good idea for me and believing what they were saying was best for me
• I hated the fact that I was so passionate about wanting to work with musicians, play music and have a life that was filled with me doing music in some way and I was not doing anything music related.

By early January 2015 I had been accepted into the Diploma of Music Business. I was so excited. It was the first step on my path into a music career. I then enrolled into the course and stuck around for the orientation.

From February until now has been almost like a blur. I have been so busy completing assessments, going to class, going to concerts, putting on gigs and working a part time job. However, writing this blog post has given me time to see just how much I have accomplished. My accomplishments include
• Putting on a metal gig at The Civic Hotel called Brutalism 101: A Lesson in Brutality. I had the help of Brendan Preston, Meg Phillips-Jones, Danika Tierney and Melissa Defiddes.
• Attending the Peter Garrett book launch
• Attending my first Music conference. This was the WAM Conference held between the 5 & 8 November 2015.
• Started managing a hard-rock band called Kraill.
• Attended a songwriting sundowner called the MISS Session: A Songwriters Tale.
• Been apart of the Richmond Street Records Management Committee as an Administration Manager.
• Volunteers for RTR as their receptionist and at an event called In The Pines.
• Helped in launching Richmond Street Records for 2015
• Was the Artist and Repertoire person for Wabisabi. This allowed me to help them get onto the Richmond Street Records Compilation CD
• Helped with the 2015 Music Department Graduation and Richmond Street Record Compilation CD launch
• Completed all assessments (I am putting this as an accomplishment as it is sometimes really hard to get motivated to do an assessment)

Whilst looking back at all that I have learned and accomplished in the last year, I have become more focused on where I want my music career to head. I want to eventually own my own music publicity business, manage a couple of bands, get back into playing flute and piano again and teaching flute and piano. I have chosen this path for a few reasons. These are:
• I love playing flute and piano to an audience and would love to excel in that area
• I love the business side of the music industry and the challenges it provides me with
• I would like to work with bands and solo artists but I don’t necessarily want to manage them all. I would prefer a fee for service in which a publicity company offers.
• I would like to be able to pass on all the amazing things I have learned onto other people.

As I am only starting to get myself into the music industry there is so much I still need to learn. Things I would like to learn are
• How to set up a music business in Australia and overseas
• How to manage a band and the best ways in which I can do this
• More about the different jobs within the music industry
• The best ways in which I can market myself, my business and the bands I manage.

I would go about learning all this by
• Enrolling and studying a Advanced Diploma of Music Business
• Completing the Tom Hess Music Career Mentoring Program
• Completing my AMEB theory and practical exams. This will allow me to teach music in schools.
• Learning on the job. This can be done through managing a band and through interning in the music industry.

There are so many other things I will possibly be able to learn along the way. Some will be things I never expected.

Richmond Street Records Blender Compilation CD

In order for bands and artists to be able to get on the Richmond Street Records Blender Compilation CD had to go through a submission process. The following process is what was used as the submission.
1. Get all students to submit tracks by Thursday 10th September 2015 at 5pm.
2. Voting by Richmond Street Records Management Committee on 11 September 2015 – 15 September 2015
3. Boom Radio Focus Group for submissions on 18 September 2015
4. Data entry for Boom radio submissions on 20 September 2015

The songs that were chosen were for the Blender Compilation CD are:
• Fall into the Dark – 404
• Velvet Moon – Nicholas Dangen
• Eaglewings- Wabisabi
• Sold my Soul – Scout
• Fireflies – Soapy Cactus
• Follow my Soul – Federico
• Heartbeats – Iridescent
• Seasons – east of Eden
• Side by Side – Tuscany
• Oyster – Compost Collective
• Tell me Why – friends for foes
• Hold On – Bad Habit
• Now – Tone Pilots
• Running in Circles – Distant Thinking
• I’m Out – Occasional Symmetry

I believe people who are working closely with the artists as well as people who would use their tracks for radio airplay justified the song choices because they represent votes. It shows a representation of people who are starting to work in the music as people either through radio, managing a band or representing a label.

Once the songs were chosen, the class into a song order arranged them for the CD. This took a while due to difference in opinion with a few people within the Diploma of Music Business class wanting certain songs in a certain order. From the arrangement of the songs on the CD the process to get the CD to print is as follows:
1. Get in contact with graphic designers for quotes
2. Choose a graphic designer to design artwork for CD
3. Listen to tracks to ensure no copyright has been violated of not offensive words have been used
4. Get track order in place
5. Send tracks to Diskbank
6. Get credits information of songs correct. This involved checking over the forms submitted with the tracks and speaking with the bands who are on the compilation CD
7. Send this information to the graphic designer

We received our copies of the 1000 CDs on Wednesday 11 November 2015 to the excitement of the Diploma of Music Business students at Central Institute of Technology and committee members on the Richmond Street Records. YAY!!

The Blender Compilation CD will be distributed from Thursday 26 November 2016 at the Central Music Industry Training Student Awards Night. The CD will be distributed through the following channels listed below
• At the Rosemount. As people enter the event, it will be handed out. There will also be people walking around the venue with CDs in their hands.
• On Central Institute of Technology’s Leederville campus
• CD Baby/ Tunecore as a free album
• In local businesses who have supported the event or support local music
• Through AMRAP. AMRAP will send out the CD to community radio around the country.

Richmond Street Records 2015 Label Launch

Extremely hectic preparations for Diploma of Music Business students go through in order to put on the 2015 Richmond Street Records Label Launch. From confirming the date with the venue, to confirming the line up, to marketing the night Music Business students created a night to remember.

Themed as a Mods Vs Rockers, you did find a person or two who dressed to impress. Taking place on Tuesday 23 September 2015 at The Bird, each band performed to make the night remembered by those who attended. As you can see from the Three Tree Productions film below, the line up is just too good to refuse. With The Shallows opening with their punkadelic style, Wabisabi with their Indie folk tunes, 404 with their Indie sound, Soapy Cactus with their funk, blues and jazz sounds, Bad Habit rocking it out and Occasional Symmetry closing the night with their prog metal sound. Each band, along with Richmond Street Records allowed for The Bird to reach capacity at approximately 9pm, which is an epic result.

Three Tree Productions – RSR 2015 Label Launch

Sarah and Kayleigh pulled together the night extremely well. From getting sponsorship for the $5 beer special, raffle prize and sausage sizzle, to ensuring the bands were on time and had their equipment, ensuring that worksheets were provided and backline was sorted, they did an amazing job at pulling the night together.

Kelly Miglori, Marketing manager for Richmond Street Records worked hard with her team to be able to successfully receive marketing for the event. We got interviews for on Pilerats radio station, an interview on RTRfm, write up on the WAM website.

To view marketing achievements click on the links below

Meg and Dean spent most of the night cooking the amazing sausage sizzle. They were so good that I ended up eating 2 of them.

On the last note, all I can say is thank you. Thank you to the bands for an awesome night, thank you to all students and staff from Central Institute of Technology in putting on a successful night, thank you to the Bird for holding the event and last but not least the sponsors of the night – Mount Hawthorn IGA, Gage Roads, Get Lucky, Flipside Burgers, Lolly Warehouse and Noise Pollution – for helping in providing a successful night.

For more information on each Sponsor, see below