Peter Gauzelli networking interview

As part of the WAM conference, certain delegates were invited to do a networking speed date session with members of industry. My first session was with Peter Gauzelli from Department of Culture and the Arts. I spoke to him in regards to working with a band to get funding for a tour and an album, what is the best option to do fist for bands that haven’t been together for very long and briefly what needs to be provided.

He gave me some great tips on avenues to put forward to the band I manage; Kraill. These were
• Focus on getting more fans in Perth and regional Western Australia.
• Get merchandise done and out to sell to fans
• Focus on writing and recording an album before trying to tour over east.
• If I am to go for a grant on behalf of Kraill, I should apply for a grant for an album rather that one for touring.
• Get Kraill known on Triple J Unearthed by getting fans to listen, download and review

In order for Kraill to be able to focus on getting more fans, I asked them to be more active on social media. In particular I wanted them to focus on Facebook and Instagram as I wanted them to engage with more with their fans. 40% of posts are to be related to their music whilst the other 60% is general interactions. Photos of them at gigs and with fans are to be posted on both Facebook and Instagram. At gigs, Kraill will need to interact with their fans before and after their sets.

I have also started enquiring about merchandise places in Perth to get merch for Kraill. Once the designs have been done and stock has been ordered and received, it will be sold at gigs and online. Merch that Kraill want to get are
• Shirts
• Bottle open key ring
• Stickers
• Beanies
• Car sun shades
• Water pouches
• Inflatable can holders (for pools)
• Flashlight key ring

I was able to go to Kraill and propose these ideas to them. As a result, I was able to meet with them to start trying to put the tips in place. I started with getting Kraill to ask their fans to listen, download and review their tracks on Triple J Unearthed. As of today (Friday 13 November 2015) Kraill are sitting at number 80 (out of 100) on the overall charts and 22 (out of 25) on the rock charts. Kraill are pretty stoked about the result.

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