Interview with Bourby Webster, Director of North Street Music

As you may or may not know, North Street Music provides a variety of different services to musicians. These include

  • Concert Promotion
  • Venue Programming
  • Session Musicians
  • Artist Services which include Business Skills courses and consulting, performance training, festival programming, representation/ management
  • Studio and Recording Services

Having spoken with Bourby late last week, she has provided me with incite into owning a business within the music industry. I asked her four questions, in which were

  1. What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of owning North Street Music?
  2. What motivated you to start North Street Music?
  3. What are the major difficulties in owning North Street Music?
  4. What do you consider to be key personal attributes required for small business owners?

The advice I got is as follows.

The advantages of owning North Street Music was that Bourby

  • Has complete control over what she does work wise. There is freedoms in what she wants her North Street Music to focus on
  • Has the ability to fulfil a dream of hers
  • Has flexibility in hours and choice of what projects she wants to work on
  • Is able to take full responsibility of she does
  • Is able to choose who she employs

The disadvantages of owning North Street Music is that Bourby

  • Has to do everything herself
  • Has to do all operational and strategic planning
  • Has no holidays

Bourby had a few inspirational motivations for starting North Street Music. These include

  • Wanting to make a difference within the music industry in Australia and the UK
  • Wanting to help musicians out
  • Wanting to share talent and
  • Wanting a job that meant something to her

She does have difficulties with owning her own business. These are

  • Working with musicians. This is difficult as she finds it hard to help people who don’t know how and cant help them. As a result, Bourby runs business skills and music event skills course to up skill musicians.
  • Finding ways to survive. As Bourby owns her own business, there is no guaranteed income.

Personal attributes Bourby considers key are

  • To be brave – Business owners need to be able to pick up the phone to anyone and to face things you don’t know or understand
  • Be unbelievably disciplined – need to ensure everything is completed by deadlines and to keep on top of all tasks at hand
  • To be incredible with time management
  • To love admin

Just listening to Bourby speak I could hear her passion for the music industry and everything that she does through North Street Music. She is a wonderful example of the person I would aspire to be… hardworking, dedicated and passionate about what she believes in.

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