Which news outlets are doing news coverage on TikTok best?

The rise of TikTok has provided another platform for news organisations to provide news to their audiences. However, each news platform shows news slightly differently.

ABC uses direct footage from their stories on TikTok with a quick description written at the bottom of the video


Lidia Thorpe, an Indigenous Greens senator, called the Queen a coloniser while being sworn in to parliament #Australia #News #ABCNews

♬ original sound – ABC Australia

Sky News Australia take a different approach where they have the online story in the background and the reporter in front doing a quick 1-minute video grab.


The bystander who accidentally filmed the horrific rollercoaster crash says he ‘hasn’t slept since’ #fyp #rollercoaster #rollercoastercrash #news #melbourne

♬ original sound – Sky News Australia

Each newsroom, takes a slightly different angle on how they want to deliver news on TikTok. I am not sure what way I like it best. I am not even sure I am ready for the news to be on TikTok yet as I use the platform as a way to wind down or kill time.

While I was looking at videos to do this blog post I did come across a few journalists who have put up videos showing the transformation of their presenting skills over time. I found this encouraging to see, as I was able to get glimpses of how journalists improve once they have finished their university degrees. I also found it quite empowering to see journalists willing to share some detail about how their career is going on social media platforms.


Reply to @mrzmoth NEWS VOICE TRANSFORMATION 🎙 So cringe at the start 😂 My voice was never good enough at uni to be picked as a presenter for those mock bulletins we did. I used to get so upset thinking my bogan ass voice would never sound good. I paid for a lesson once at uni & I honestly didn’t think it helped me at all. For me it was practice, experience & tips from watching other journos! #newstok #newsvoice #tvnews #australia #perth #mackay #darwin

♬ original sound – Zarisha Bradley

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