Which news outlets are doing news coverage on TikTok best?

The rise of TikTok has provided another platform for news organisations to provide news to their audiences. However, each news platform shows news slightly differently. ABC uses direct footage from their stories on TikTok with a quick description written at the bottom of the video Sky News Australia take a different approach where they haveContinue reading “Which news outlets are doing news coverage on TikTok best?”

Does becoming a journalist suit an introvert?

As a human wanting to become a journalist, I often wonder whether being introverted will be a hindrance. In my mind, I have the stereotype that journalists are extroverted creatures, who love being in the world and talking to people. And then I look at myself and while I do like speaking with people andContinue reading “Does becoming a journalist suit an introvert?”

Work Experience in Journalism

As a university student, I have been doing work experience at a couple of different radio stations – Curtin FM and Noongar Radio. Once I figured out I wanted to pursue a career in journalism, I decided that I needed to gain as much experience as I possibly could while I was completing my degree.Continue reading “Work Experience in Journalism”