Interview with Graham Wood – Director of The Ellington Jazz Club

Located on 191 Beaufort Street, Perth, Western Australia, The Ellington Jazz Club provides an array of jazz and contemporary talent in an intimate environment. Artists/ bands who have performed at The Ellington Jazz Club include Jamie Oehlers Libby Hammer Carl Mackey Helen Shanahan Sydnee Carter And so many more Having spoken with Graham Wood lateContinue reading “Interview with Graham Wood – Director of The Ellington Jazz Club”

Richmond Street Records 2015 Label Launch

Extremely hectic preparations for Diploma of Music Business students go through in order to put on the 2015 Richmond Street Records Label Launch. From confirming the date with the venue, to confirming the line up, to marketing the night Music Business students created a night to remember. Themed as a Mods Vs Rockers, you didContinue reading “Richmond Street Records 2015 Label Launch”

Free MISS (Music Industry Sundowner Series) Session: A Songwriter’s Tale – An Insight

A 1.5-hour panel featuring Sarah Tout as the Moderator and songwriters François Tétaz and Ricky Maymi as part of the panel. Both of these songwriters have provided a lot to think about in terms of approaches to songwriting. I got some good input from this panel that I have listed below. Why write songs? TétazContinue reading “Free MISS (Music Industry Sundowner Series) Session: A Songwriter’s Tale – An Insight”

Goals to complete by the end of 2016

I have thought long and hard about what I want to complete in my music career journey over the last few months. Everything that I want to achieve or start to achieve to help me is something that has kept me up at night. Extremely frustrating when I want to sleep. So… in order forContinue reading “Goals to complete by the end of 2016”