Feature – Millman stands against racism and fascism

(Article written in August 2021) Equality, respect for humanity, fairness, and access to justice; all values Simon Millman holds in high esteem. In his first speech to the WA Parliament, Millman said: “One of the great things about Mount Lawley is it’s a very diverse community, it’s a very ethnically and culturally diverse community. “IContinue reading “Feature – Millman stands against racism and fascism”

Does becoming a journalist suit an introvert?

As a human wanting to become a journalist, I often wonder whether being introverted will be a hindrance. In my mind, I have the stereotype that journalists are extroverted creatures, who love being in the world and talking to people. And then I look at myself and while I do like speaking with people andContinue reading “Does becoming a journalist suit an introvert?”

Work Experience in Journalism

As a university student, I have been doing work experience at a couple of different radio stations – Curtin FM and Noongar Radio. Once I figured out I wanted to pursue a career in journalism, I decided that I needed to gain as much experience as I possibly could while I was completing my degree.Continue reading “Work Experience in Journalism”

Critical Reflection of Consumption

Consumption of products and services is something that is incorporated into the daily life of most people and as a result most people have some understanding of what consumption is. However, for most people it is not a topic they study in depth or delve into the understandings of why people consume the way theyContinue reading “Critical Reflection of Consumption”