Advice for myself on my journey of writing

Over the last few months I have been thinking a lot more about my future, particularly my career and what I would like that too look like. I have always wanted to work in the music industry, however what area in the music industry has always changed. Since I have started studying at Curtin University, I have come to the realisation that I am really enjoying studying journalism and web media. I am finding myself wanting to graduate from uni and become a journalist as well as working with artists and bands providing PR services.

I found myself looking up ways to enhance my skills within public relations and journalism. Whilst looking up these skills, I found myself writing lists of the skills and knowledge I need to possess by the time I graduate. With these lists written, I was researching ways I could best implement them. This has lead into the writing of this blog post; the advice I give myself on my journey of writing (and to those who are interested). For most of this writing journey it will be directed at the music industry, however it may expand into other areas depending on if a topic sparks curiosity.

So here it goes; my advice to myself…

  • Write because you love the topic otherwise don’t bother.
  • Be confident in what you write
  • Be open to change and be willing to adapt when needed
  • Meet all your deadlines
  • Write everyday…. this may be hard but I will definitely be trying my best
  • Write before the world wakes up
  • Take every writing assignment offered to you
  • Have someone give you a topic. Write everything that possibly comes to mind in a five minute span. (this is supposed to train the brain to think and write simultaneously… or so I have been told)
  • Involve yourself in the music making process. This could be hanging out with musicians in the studio or backstage.
  • Do a lot of interviews
  • Go to a lot of shows and review them
  • Write album reviews
  • Analyse an album and pitch to
  • Write a personal essay exploring the connection you have with a single song
  • Frequently visit blogs that interest you. For me this is music blogs as I am passionate about music.
  • Spend an hour or so going through your Twitter feed of major music publications
  • Create an artist profile/s
  • Create an annotated mixtape for a friend.
  • Study music scenes. I would look at bands/musicians I like, where they created their music, other bands/ musicians in the area and what the local music scenes are like
  • Write music for yourself. One day I may be able to share with the world, the works I am proud of.
  • Create and maintain contacts within the music industry and as a journalist.

Whilst this advice will hard to achieve, with hard work I believe that I will become a better writer. I will become more confident in myself and will have picked up skills necessary for a career as a journalist and public relations services.


2 thoughts on “Advice for myself on my journey of writing

  1. Love this.
    Go with your passion. Will always have ups and downs. But I truly think patience and persistence will help you to achieve your goal.

    And there are lots of people to help, it’s just sometimes hard finding the right ones.

    I’m happy to help you as much as I can and wish you all the very best on your journey.


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