Richmond Street Records Blender Compilation CD

In order for bands and artists to be able to get on the Richmond Street Records Blender Compilation CD had to go through a submission process. The following process is what was used as the submission.
1. Get all students to submit tracks by Thursday 10th September 2015 at 5pm.
2. Voting by Richmond Street Records Management Committee on 11 September 2015 – 15 September 2015
3. Boom Radio Focus Group for submissions on 18 September 2015
4. Data entry for Boom radio submissions on 20 September 2015

The songs that were chosen were for the Blender Compilation CD are:
• Fall into the Dark – 404
• Velvet Moon – Nicholas Dangen
• Eaglewings- Wabisabi
• Sold my Soul – Scout
• Fireflies – Soapy Cactus
• Follow my Soul – Federico
• Heartbeats – Iridescent
• Seasons – east of Eden
• Side by Side – Tuscany
• Oyster – Compost Collective
• Tell me Why – friends for foes
• Hold On – Bad Habit
• Now – Tone Pilots
• Running in Circles – Distant Thinking
• I’m Out – Occasional Symmetry

I believe people who are working closely with the artists as well as people who would use their tracks for radio airplay justified the song choices because they represent votes. It shows a representation of people who are starting to work in the music as people either through radio, managing a band or representing a label.

Once the songs were chosen, the class into a song order arranged them for the CD. This took a while due to difference in opinion with a few people within the Diploma of Music Business class wanting certain songs in a certain order. From the arrangement of the songs on the CD the process to get the CD to print is as follows:
1. Get in contact with graphic designers for quotes
2. Choose a graphic designer to design artwork for CD
3. Listen to tracks to ensure no copyright has been violated of not offensive words have been used
4. Get track order in place
5. Send tracks to Diskbank
6. Get credits information of songs correct. This involved checking over the forms submitted with the tracks and speaking with the bands who are on the compilation CD
7. Send this information to the graphic designer

We received our copies of the 1000 CDs on Wednesday 11 November 2015 to the excitement of the Diploma of Music Business students at Central Institute of Technology and committee members on the Richmond Street Records. YAY!!

The Blender Compilation CD will be distributed from Thursday 26 November 2016 at the Central Music Industry Training Student Awards Night. The CD will be distributed through the following channels listed below
• At the Rosemount. As people enter the event, it will be handed out. There will also be people walking around the venue with CDs in their hands.
• On Central Institute of Technology’s Leederville campus
• CD Baby/ Tunecore as a free album
• In local businesses who have supported the event or support local music
• Through AMRAP. AMRAP will send out the CD to community radio around the country.

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