Yvette Myhill networking interview

As part of the WAM conference, certain delegates were invited to do a networking speed date session with members of industry. Yvette Myhill is the Executive Director of the Association of Artist Manager’s (AAM). I wanted to speak to her in regards to managing Kraill and what is best to do. Firstly, she congratulated me on managing a band and starting a career in band management. YAY!!!

She basically just did an overview of what the AAM does and how AAM could help me as an emerging manager.

What AAM does:

  • Work side by side with organisations to educate and mentor
  • Lobby on behalf of music and managers to the government
  • Representation of managers on Music Industry Panel

How AAM can help me as an emerging manager:

  • Exclusive events and panels
  • International conference and industry discounts
  • Additional excess baggage through Virgin and Qantas
  • Discount bookkeeping and business management services
  • Discount on insurance

Basically was just a huge selling of why I should sign up for AAM. Has me convinced to sign up.

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