Interview with Matt Johnson from Walking Horse

Speaking to Matty J from Walking Horse in regards to starting his record label. I have found that these interviews I have been conducting with music industry professional interesting, as although they provide answers that are similar they do offer some differences.

The questions that I asked are:

  1. What does Matty J see are the advantages and disadvantages of owning Walking Horse?
  2. What motivated you to start Walking Horse?
  3. What are the major difficulties in owning Walking Horse?
  4. What doe they consider to be the key personal attributes required being a small business owner?

The advantages of Walking Horse are that Matty J has autonomy in how he does his works, has flexibility in how much or little he works and what projects he wants to do and the ability to work with artists he likes. The disadvantages of owning Walking Horse is keeping on top of cash flow, the responsibilities of owning a small business and managing the workload.

The reasons in which Matty J started Walking Horse are:

  • Matty J knew an artist he like and wanted to start the label to help out
  • Garreth, who is Matty J’s business partner is an amazing graphic designer and photographer and wanted to find him work

The personal attributes that Matty J believes should be required to own a small business in the music industry are:

  • Tenacity
  • Being okay with irregular cash flow
  • Empathy
  • Being comfortable with uncertainty

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