Does becoming a journalist suit an introvert?

As a human wanting to become a journalist, I often wonder whether being introverted will be a hindrance. In my mind, I have the stereotype that journalists are extroverted creatures, who love being in the world and talking to people. And then I look at myself and while I do like speaking with people and the idea I can report on a variety of issues around me, it is also daunting and draining to think about, let alone do it.

For me, the choice to pursue journalism did not come from a love of reading or writing. It was not a career I had considered until I took an intro unit at university and it changed the possibility of how my career could potentially go. The thought that I could become an investigative journalist, sparked an interest in wanting to pursue the degree.

And yet, despite reaching for the stars to become an investigative journalist, I always have in the back of my mind, how do I as an introvert fit in?

As much as I am excited about the process of becoming a journalist, I worry that by taking the plunge to become a journalist, my nature to want to spend time in smaller crowds or even by myself might hinder the process. Will I be over-exerting energy on a regular basis and how will this affect my career?

Then I started having a read online to see what other introverted journalists had written. Turns out there isn’t a heap of information – a couple of blogs and some posts on Reddit. One website provided three reasons why introverts make good journalists:

  1. Good listeners make for good journalists
  2. Authentic empathy encourages interviewees to be open
  3. Creative souls flourish when they work alone

I found these reasons to be rather soothing and encouraging as an introvert.

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