When major events occur, what falls to the wayside?

In 2022, we have seen a few big events flood Australian news. Russia has invaded Ukraine, massive flooding on the east coast of Australia, the death of Queen Elizabeth II and federal election. However there have been events occurring world-wide which we may have missed as a result.

In January 2022, the Ethiopian government ended a state of emergency it declared last year due to resolving a decades long war with it neighbouring country Eritrea. North Korea began another round of missile tests over the Sea of Japan. In Sudan, protesters took to the streets to oppose the military government which took over in October 2021.

In March, North Korea stage the first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile and New Zealand drops their COVID-19 mandates in several sectors including the police and teachers.

In April it is reported that the Amazon rainforest has reached its highest deforestation record with 363 square miles removed by the end of March. A Singapore court executes a drug smuggler; however, the case was highly controversial as medical experts indicated he had an intellectual disability.

In June, a 30-year-old Nigerian man was set alight by a mob of 200 people in Nigeria. A similar event happened in May to a female student in Nigeria. Harvey Weinstein is also facing indecent assault charges in the UK. Hong Kong has dropped on the human rights ranking putting it on par with Saudi Arabia

In July, British human rights lawyer Helena Kennedy endorsed an investigation into claims that Turkey should be charged as an accomplice to the Yazidi genocide. The claim is that the Turkish Government turned a blind eye to the sale, transfer and enslavement of women and children from Yazidi. In Sri Lanka, a State of Emergency is declared due to the president fleeing to the Maldives.

These stories from across the world are important but are not always told in the same capacity as the queen dying or an election. They provide the viewer with issues occurring within other countries, whether it is between people or our environment. Whichever it may be, there is still an impact on the world we live in and it is terrifying to watch unfold.

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