Richmond Street Records 2015 Label Launch

Extremely hectic preparations for Diploma of Music Business students go through in order to put on the 2015 Richmond Street Records Label Launch. From confirming the date with the venue, to confirming the line up, to marketing the night Music Business students created a night to remember.

Themed as a Mods Vs Rockers, you did find a person or two who dressed to impress. Taking place on Tuesday 23 September 2015 at The Bird, each band performed to make the night remembered by those who attended. As you can see from the Three Tree Productions film below, the line up is just too good to refuse. With The Shallows opening with their punkadelic style, Wabisabi with their Indie folk tunes, 404 with their Indie sound, Soapy Cactus with their funk, blues and jazz sounds, Bad Habit rocking it out and Occasional Symmetry closing the night with their prog metal sound. Each band, along with Richmond Street Records allowed for The Bird to reach capacity at approximately 9pm, which is an epic result.

Three Tree Productions – RSR 2015 Label Launch

Sarah and Kayleigh pulled together the night extremely well. From getting sponsorship for the $5 beer special, raffle prize and sausage sizzle, to ensuring the bands were on time and had their equipment, ensuring that worksheets were provided and backline was sorted, they did an amazing job at pulling the night together.

Kelly Miglori, Marketing manager for Richmond Street Records worked hard with her team to be able to successfully receive marketing for the event. We got interviews for on Pilerats radio station, an interview on RTRfm, write up on the WAM website.

To view marketing achievements click on the links below

Meg and Dean spent most of the night cooking the amazing sausage sizzle. They were so good that I ended up eating 2 of them.

On the last note, all I can say is thank you. Thank you to the bands for an awesome night, thank you to all students and staff from Central Institute of Technology in putting on a successful night, thank you to the Bird for holding the event and last but not least the sponsors of the night – Mount Hawthorn IGA, Gage Roads, Get Lucky, Flipside Burgers, Lolly Warehouse and Noise Pollution – for helping in providing a successful night.

For more information on each Sponsor, see below

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